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Spring 2019 Cooking Class Schedule

Please have your credit card or gift certificate number and the class date you wish to enroll in ready when you call. All information regarding the classes is included in the description. If no menu is listed, then it will be available either in the coming days or on the evening of the class.
 Please do not leave voicemail messages for classes;  
We will NOT reserve or cancel spaces via voicemail.  
All attendees receive a 10% storewide discount during the class!
Observation classes begin at 6:30 p.m.
and last approximately 2-2 1/2 hours
depending on the class. See special notations by class if time differs.
If you arrive after 6:30 p.m., please call us at 360-0765 and we will unlock the door and let you into the class.  
 You will receive a full meal by the end of the class. Observation classes are structured like "dinner and a show". You will receive recipes of each dish, observe the chef prepare each course, and then enjoy their creations!
We will provide water, wine glasses and wine bottle openers.
Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy
 The international pantry reserves the right to cancel any class that fails to attract sufficient enrollment, chef illness/emergency, or inclement weather. We will contact you by the telephone number you provided when you signed up and issue a full refund or be transferred to another class of your choice if available. Our intention is to not endanger you, our chef, or our staff, so we will take all factors into consideration when making the decision. Please understand that we are a business; if the class is not cancelled,
we will not issue a refund.
If you choose to miss a class due to weather-related concerns,our standard cancellation policy applies.   
Standard Cancellation Policy
For classes Monday thru Thursday, you must call by the Thursday prior to the class by 5 p.m. in order not to be charged. 
For Saturday classes, you must call by the Monday prior to the class by 5 p.m. in order not to be charged.
We will charge your credit card or redeem your gift certificate at 5 p.m. the Thursday before your observation class at which time the class becomes non-refundable. If you are signing up friends for the classes, please note that we will charge your card for all the spaces being held under your credit card number. It is your responsibility, if you do not want your card to be charged for all spaces under your name, for you to have your friends call us with their credit card information.
The international pantry reserves the right to charge your card for spaces reserved under your card number.
*On the night of your class, each person signed up will have a sticky note with their name on it at their assigned seat. If you have a seating preference, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.  
Please do not move your assigned seat.
 If you would like a different seat the night of the class, please ask for assistance.
PRICE for each class is noted after chef's name.
Monday, February 4th “Valentine Dinner”Ahmad Farnia $55
The best Valentine dinner is heavy enough to be satisfying, but light enough to leave some room for romance! (Ahmad wrote that!) Join us for a Valentine’s dinner where we will use fresh, light ingredients to create a romantic dinner that you and your partner will never forget. Menu includes: chicken and mango salsa on a puff pastry, lobster bisque, roasted beets carpaccio with goat cheese and avocado mousse, veal parmigiana followed with citrus granita and chocolate outrageous dessert!
Tuesday, February 5th “Valentine Dinner” Ahmad Farnia $55
Repeat of Monday’s class.
Monday, February 11th “Valentine’s Day Parisian Style”
Teri Fermo $55
Join Chef Teri as she dazzles you with a beautiful and delicious dinner. Bring a date, your friends or just you to a lovely dinner including: baked brie on cashews topped with fig jam Served with crackers and grapes, potato soup with brown chicken double stock and marjoram 
mixed green salad with poached egg, blue cheese, lardon, pickled balsamic onions in white truffle balsamic vinaigrette, seared cod loins on potato puree with dill brown butter, fried brussel sprouts with toasted garlic, peppermint bark truffles, cayenne chocolate mousse with vanilla rose creme Chantilly.
Special Gift: pecan pralines with Himalayan pink rock salt (not demoed)
Monday, February 18th “Greek Gathering” Bill Forester $45
Chef Bill Forester, who is currently in the process of opening a new restaurant called OMMA Greek Kitchen, will dazzle you with his Greek knowledge. Grilled zucchini and capicola salad with sweet garlic vinaigrette, puttanesca with pappardelle and the best biscotti ever!
Thursday, February 21st “Knife Skills HANDS-ON Class” Andrew Curtis-Wellings $75
We are excited to welcome Andrew Curtis-Wellings of Wusthof back after a short hiatus! He will teach you key knife skills every cook should know! Learn different cuts and become more comfortable and confident with a knife in your hand. Each session is limited to 8 people. 
There will be two classes on the 21st.
1st class 4pm-6pm       2nd class 7pm-9pm
Tuesday, February 26th “Mardi Gras” Jacque Methvin $45
Jacque Methvin from Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails will create a dinner New Orleans style! Menu includes muffuletta sliders with homemade olive salad, crawfish etouffee, fried oysters with smoked tomato cocktail sauce, traditional King Cake as well as the famous Hurricanes! Bring your beads and get ready for some fabulous food and fun!
Wednesday, February 27th “Mexican Madness Part UNO”
Emilio Salinas $45
Mexican Madness? If you have never been to one of Emilio’s classes, be prepared for a non-traditional IP cooking class! Verbal recipes will be given so be ready for some note taking. This class is typically full of craziness and laughter so not intended for the serious cook.
Saturday, March 2nd **@ 2pm** “Sushi!” Misung Billins $75
In this hands-on class, Misung will teach you to choose ingredients and roll sushi like a pro! You will make a variety of sushi rolls, including California Rolls. We will not be using any raw fish.
Monday, March 4th “Vegan? Yep! & Yummy!” Teri Fermo $55
Chef Teri will demo that vegan does not mean flavorless. Veganism is the fastest growing food movement! You will be surprised how satisfying and filling a vegan meal can be. Menu includes: dolma in balsamic glaze with pine nuts, black bean hummus with toasted garlic, dill and pita crisps, grilled chile corn with coconut lime cream, mixed green salad with dried cranberries, salted toasted walnuts and Asian pear in sherry onion vinaigrette, roasted stuffed zucchini with sun dried tomato relish on Israeli couscous with pecans ending with strawberry swirl cheesecake bites.
Tuesday, March 5th “Mexican Madness Part DOS”
Emilio Salinas $45
Mexican Madness? If you have never been to one of Emilio’s classes, be prepared for a non-traditional IP cooking class! Verbal recipes will be given so be ready for some note taking. This class is typically full of craziness and laughter so not intended for the serious cook.
(Note that Emilio’s classes will have different menus.)
Tuesday, March 12th “Mediterranean Delights” Ahmad Farnia $55
Mediterranean food is my passion. Both delicious and healthy, Mediterranean food includes cuisines and ingredients from all the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. In the class, we will focus on how the various profiles from the different countries around the Mediterranean come together to create healthy, light and satisfying dishes. Menu to follow.
Wednesday, March 13th “Mediterranean Delights”
Ahmad Farnia $55
Repeat of Tuesday’s class.
Monday, March 18th “BBQ” Donnell Hardimon $45
Introducing Chef Donnell, who is the executive chef at the Museum Café at the OKC Museum of Art. Join him for a finger licking night of BBQ! He will demonstrate how to make cold apple salad with pecans and celery, spicy baby kale and collard greens cooked with ham hock, hickory-smoked, wet rubbed baby back BBQ ribs served with a huckleberry bbq sauce and clafoutis cake (chocolate upside down cake with cherries.
Wednesday, March 20th “Asian Favorites Part One”
Misung Billins $45
Misung Billins, who works as a private chef/caterer, cooking instructor, and is experienced in many different cuisines, brings Asia to the USA! Menu includes a delicious egg roll, Asian salad with ginger-carrot dressing, stir fried chicken with jasmine rice and mochi (rice cake).
Tuesday, March 26th “El Toro Chino Favorites “Gerry Reardon $45
Join Gerry, owner and executive chef o El Toro Chino, a locally owned Asian fusion restaurant will show you how to make some of El Toro Chino’s favorites which include pozole, aguas chile shrimp, chicken sopes and tres leches cupcakes.
Thursday, March 28th “Greek Comfort Food” Bill Forester $45
Chef Bill Forester, who is currently in the process of opening a new restaurant called OMMA Greek Kitchen, will dazzle you with his Greek knowledge. Menu includes: avgolemono Greek chicken soup with pita, moussaka (Greek lasagna), and a Greek yogurt cheesecake with orange and thyme syrup.
Tuesday, April 2nd “Decadent Dinner Party” Jonathan Krell $45
Jonathan Krell is the executive chef at Patrono, a role that brings one of the state’s most talented chefs back to downtown Oklahoma City and back to Italian food! He comes highly recommended by some of the IP’s regular cooking class students. His menu begins with suppli al telefono (Fried risotto with provolone cheese center). Then he will prepare pork loin with a granny Smith apple and gorgonzola dulce stuffing served with a butternut squash, spinach and toasted pine nut hash over a creamy tarragon mostarda. For dessert you will have mini chocolate flour tortes with powdered sugar and amarena cherries.
Tuesday, April 9th “Northern Italy” Ahmad Farnia $55
Forget basic spaghetti and chicken marsala, mid-century Italian cuisine that continues to dominate the American palate. In this two-part series on modern Italian cuisine, I will travel through today’s Italy. From the heavy, filling dishes of the north to the light, fresh ingredients of the south, we will explore all that today’s Italian cuisine has to offer. Menu to follow.
Wednesday, April 10th “Northern Italy” Ahmad Farnia $55
This is a repeat of Ahmad’s Tuesday class.
Wednesday, April 17th “Spring Dinner Party” Josh Valentine $45
Chef Josh will wow you with his expertise! Join us for an evening of fabulous food, fun and knowledge. Menu is perfect for Easter dinner or dinner party. Menu includes: fava bean and goat cheese crostini with radish, peach and bourbon glazed ham, white cheddar biscuits, spring veggies, and Sicilian Easter Pie!
Monday, April 22nd “Mindful Eating” Jeremiah Caldwell $45
Chef Caldwell holds a wealth of culinary knowledge. Join him for an incredible and interesting class where you will walk away with a better understanding of food and a belly that was completely satisfied!
An introduction to mindful eating, and the EXTRAORDINARY MIRACULOUSNESS
of Mindful Medicinal Gastronomy
 Mindfulness- 1) The state of being consciously aware of something.
2) A mental state achieved by focusing one’s attention on the present moment (A therapeutic practice.)
Medicinal Gastronomy- The HEALING ART of creating, cooking, and eating in which food stuffs chosen are chosen for its unique and specific medical properties. 
Mindful Medicinal Gastronomy- When someone is consciously aware of the specific healing and medicinal properties within foods they are eating. To the point of choosing their meals based upon what their or another’s body needs in that present and specific moment. Some may even achieve an enlightened understanding or feeling, thus becoming their own superiorly effective health care provider. 
“All disease begins in the gut.”
-Hippocrates (ages ago)
“The doctors of the future will give no medicine but, will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
-Thomas Edison
Menu includes: Cacao Shot (stimulatory aperitif),
Mushroom Consume (Immune Amphoteric),
Burdock and Dandelion Soda (digestive aid/bitter),
Braised Leg of Lamb with garlicked and roasted Roots
(nutritive, selenium and mineral rich) 
Chocolate Mousse with slippery elm
(tonic and soothing to entire digestive systems). 
Wednesday, May 1st “Mother’s Day Brunch” Jacque Methvin $45
Scratch’s very own Chef Jacque will create a Mother’s Day brunch that will make mom and everyone else very happy! Menu includes: arugula salad with goat cheese, strawberry, toasted pistachios with a lemon vinaigrette, croque madame (a well-known French café snack), spinach and tomato quiche with roasted garlic, and apple cinnamon muffins with cinnamon streusel and vanilla glaze.
Monday, May 6th “Food for the Soul” Donnell Hardimon $45
Introducing Chef Donnell, who is the executive chef at the Museum Café at the OKC Museum of Art. Soul food is so satisfying! Learn what criteria definethis delicious subset of comfort food. Menu includes: Southern fried and smothered chicken, pork neck bones, corn & bell pepper cornbread, pan fried cabbage with jalapeno, herbed pinto beans and apple and peach cobbler!
Tuesday, May 7th “El Toro Chino Parties with Appetizers!”
Gerry Reardon $45
Join Chef Gerry owner and chef of El Toro Chino create a meal of appetizers that will delight and fill you up! Perfect for entertaining year-round. Menu includes: Asian meatballs, edamame hummus, seared Ahi wonton bites, and finishing with lemon bars.
Tuesday, May 14th “Southern Italy” Ahmad Farnia $55
Forget basic spaghetti and chicken marsala, mid-century Italian cuisine that continues to dominate the American palate. In this two-part series on modern Italian cuisine, I will travel through today’s Italy. From the heavy, filling dishes of the north to the light, fresh ingredients of the south, we will explore all that today’s Italian cuisine has to offer. Menu to follow.
Wednesday, May 15th “Southern Italy” Ahmad Farnia $55
This is a repeat of Ahmad’s Tuesday class.
Tuesday, May 21st “A la Mode” Elboni Boyd $45
Chef Boyd is the Dessert Chef from The OKC Museum of Art Café.  We are excited to have her do another sweet treat class! Her menu will include a pecan cobbler with homemade butter pecan ice cream, ganache flourless chocolate cake with homemade mocha chocolate ice cream. Savory appetizers will be served but not demoed.
Wednesday, May 22nd “Asian Favorites Part TWO”
Misung Billins $45
Misung Billins, who works as a private chef/caterer, cooking instructor, and is experienced in many different cuisines, once again brings Asia to the USA! Menu includes a papaya salad, Pad Thai, easy Asian tofu soup and a surprise dessert!

Our Chefs



Ahmad Farnia

Ahmad Farnia is a widely acclaimed local Oklahoma City chef, with over 40 years experience in the restaurant industry.  His restaurants have received excellent reviews in both local and national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, and his menus and recipes have been highlighted by prestigious cooking magazine like Bon Appetit. He has consulted with restaurant clients, educating them on how to establish excellent menus alongside high quality service, particularly during a restaurant opening and the few years after. 
What Ahmad loves most however, is teaching cooking classes with a global perspective, especially to home chefs. His cooking classes cover a wide range of cuisines, including
Mediterranean, African and Asian. In his classes, he offers 6-course meals to his students, while leading discussions about  about the history behind different cuisines, and how they became what they are today.

Josh Valentine

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Joshua discovered his passion for food from reading cookbooks in high school. His culinary career began in a Mexican restaurant at age 19, where he worked various positions to garner a firm understanding of the inner workings of the restaurant industry. After realizing his passion for the culinary arts, Joshua attended culinary school and went on to gain experience at a variety of restaurants, including Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis and Local in Dallas. Joshua continued his culinary career in Dallas where he joined Stephan Pyles and Samar by Stephan Pyles as Line Cook and Sous Chef. He was a finalist in season 10 of Bravo's Top Chef! His talents led him back to Oklahoma where he became the Chef de Cuisine at The Coach House restaurant and, most recently, General Manager and Executive Chef at Divine Swine. Josh is currently the Executive Chef/Partner of Livegrass Butcher set to open in Midtown around March-April.  

Donnell Hardimon

Chef Hardimon, who is currently the Executive Chef of Museum Cafe at the OKC Museum of Art, has worked with different types of cuisines including Mexican, Thai and Italian. He was initially trained by Ahmad Farnia as well as Chef Andrew Black and Chef Corey Crawford at the Skirvin Hotel. He worked as the sous chef at the suites at the Chesapeake Arena.

Teri Fermo

 Chef Teri Fermo is a food truck catering chef in Tulsa. She earned her bachelor’s degree with honors and eight scholarships from the Culinary Institute of America in 2001 in culinary arts, then continued to earn pastry certification at Le Cordon Bleu in London and Paris in 2002. She opened her catering business in 2005, bringing Filipino, international and American regional fare to her clients. While Chef Teri offers corporate dining, classes, and personal chef services, her favorite is the heavy hors d’oeuvres party where she can offer sweet and savory bites while respecting gluten-free, low-carb/high protein, vegetarian/vegan, and omnivore diets.

Gerry Reardon

Norman’s El Toro Chino Latin + Asian Kitchen owner Gerry Reardon — a southern California native — lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for a few years, where he was exposed to the city’s Chinese population and the natural blending of Latin and Chinese food. It left a kernel of inspiration when he returned home.As the popularity of Latin and Asian fusion began to rise in the United States, Gerry Reardon and his wife Jennifer began devising a hypothetical menu that would pay homage to Gerry Reardon’s time in Mexico, should the opportunity ever arise. The couple from southern California moved to Oklahoma in 2006 after years of visiting Jennifer Reardon’s brother here. “We came out here and really liked Oklahoma and the idea of raising our family here,” Gerry Reardon said. “We like the people, values and everything about it.”Gerry Reardon, a lifelong devotee to the restaurant industry, got a job at Edmond’s Café 501 and Jennifer Reardon became catering manager for Norman’s Benvenuti’s Ristorante. The Reardons opened El Toro Chino (“the Chinese bull” in Spanish) at 2801 36th Ave. NW in Norman, just off of Tecumseh Road, in Nov. 2016.

Misung Kim Billins
Chef Misung is currently working as a cooking instructor teaching various cuisines as well as a private chef. She loves the process of developing recipes with bold flavors and setting a beautiful table on a budget. She strives to give her students a multi cultural experience by sharing culture, explanation of foreign ingredients and how to easily adapt ingredients here in the US as well as keeping the recipes as easy and tradtional as possible. 
Sandy Brickman

Sandy Brickman has been with the international pantry for many years, first as a customer and then as a valued employee.  She taught Health and Wellness classes at the University of Central Oklahoma for 5 years, but  always wanted to do something that related to food.   Although she was never able to go to culinary school, she has acquired just under 100 hours of professional training from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.  In New York, she learned a lot of exciting techniques that she loves to pass along to home cooks in order to help them gain more confidence in their own kitchens.  She found something that she loves to do and is am very excited to see where this path takes her in the coming years.  

Jeremiah Caldwell

Jeremiah Caldwell started his undergraduate career at Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma as a Zoology major. His love of science lead him to the University of Oklahoma in 2002. While he enjoyed his coursework, in 2005 the sudden death of both of his parents caused him to reevaluate what his true calling was. He made a bold move, and decided to follow his passion: making people smile through food. Chef Caldwell attended Platt College for Culinary Arts and began working in kitchens in the metro area. His knowledge of science contributes to his technical ability and methodical style in the kitchen. As the Executive Chef at Coriander Café, he is able to bring people happiness through delicious Vietnamese fare.


Bill Forster

Chef Bill Forster is a classically trained French chef. He studied at La'Acadamie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg Maryland, where he graduated with highest honors. A stint with Roberto Donna at Galileo in DC followed up by 2 years with Andrew Kneesey at the Georgetown Club preceded his move to Dallas where he worked as Executive Sous Chef for Orion Balliet at Cafe Pacific. Home called his heart so back to Oklahoma he came. He opened La Luna Blu in Enid and then his own restaurant Rooster in Wine before leaving Enid for Grand Lake. Arrowhead Yacht Club was next. A few years on the lake and then back to Norman where his last three years were spent at Royal Bavaria!  Bill now loves his cooking classes at the International Pantry as well as offering private catering and in home lessons as well!


 Jacque Methvin

At the age of 22 Jacque started her own small catering business out of her home. Business soon got to be too much for her home and she decided to take a position at a well known local catering company. After 3 years she decided she was ready to try something new. Around that time a great new concept in Norman , called scratch kitchen and cocktails was in its first week of opening. Eager to learn new techniques and skills ,She took a job as a prep cook. She soon moved up ranks in their kitchen and is now the executive chef at scratch kitchen and cocktails.

 Denise Onorati

Denise and her husband moved here from Seattle, Washington. Her love of cooking prompted me to attend culinary school at South Seattle College after her children finished college. She started her culinary career working at Paolo's with chef Paul Raftis, who trained in Italy. After 3 years she agreed to help open a new restaurant to compliment wines with her good friends who owned a wine shop. At The Grape Adventure she created the menu and worked as the executive chef for 9 years. She also volunteered with the local high school in their culinary program and worked with the competition team (they got second in state last winter). 

Kent Rollins

Kent Rollins is from a lost period in time and a dying state of mind, when life was simple and character was king. Kent was born and raised along the banks of the Red River near Hollis,Oklahoma. Growing up, and throughout his adulthood, Kent helped his father manage cow/calf operations in the area while also taking care of their own herd. In the beginning of Kent's cooking career, he spent time with his uncle guiding and feeding hunters deep in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. From there he bought a chuck wagon in 1993 and began cooking for ranches and soon expanded into catering. Because of Kent's growing popularity and his preservation of an historic way of life, the governor of Oklahoma proclaimed Kent the Official Chuck Wagon of Oklahoma in 1996. Kent has since made numerous television appearances including the Food Network's highly rated shows, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, where he beat Flay with his chicken fried steak, Chopped Grill Masters and Chopped Redemption. He also holds an undefeated record on NBC’s Food Fighters and most recently was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.Kent's ability to not only cook but to transport folks to another time through vivid stories of cow camps and the cowboy life is yet another way that he is a truly unique character. Along with the stage and the trail, Kent’s food and stories can be experienced each month in Western Horseman magazine where he and Shannon contribut a column and recipe. Kent and his wife, Shannon, continue to travel the country feeding hungry folks and those intrigued by their distinct and historic way of life. However more importantly, Kent carries on the legacy of cooking for cowboys on ranches during spring and fall gatherings, a rare tradition few follow.
Kent and Shannon released their first cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy, in April 2015.