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Summer 2018 Cooking Class Schedule   




Please have your credit card or gift certificate number and the class date you wish to enroll in ready when you call. All information regarding the classes is included in the description. If no menu is listed, then it will be available either in the coming days or on the evening of the class.


 Please do not leave voicemail messages for classes;  

We will NOT reserve or cancel spaces via voicemail.  

All attendees receive a 10% storewide discount during the class!



Observation classes begin at 6:30 p.m. and last approximately 2-2 1/2 hours depending on the class. If you arrive after 6:30 p.m., please call us at 360-0765 and we will unlock the door and let you into the class.  

 You will receive a full meal by the end of the class. Observation classes are structured like "dinner and a show". You will receive recipes of each dish, observe the chef prepare each course, and then enjoy their creations! We will provide water, wine glasses and wine bottle openers.



Hands-on Classes Begin at 2p.m.   Hands-On Classes are $75 Per Person (with the exception of cookie decorating classes).  Be prepared to cook!  The $75 classes are limited to 8 people.  You will receive recipes for the foods you prepare.  We will serve water, you are welcome to bring your own beverage.

Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

 The international pantry reserves the right to cancel any class that fails to attract sufficient enrollment, chef illness/emergency, or inclement weather. We will contact you by the telephone number you provided when you signed up and issue a full refund or be transferred to another class of your choice if available.  Our intention is to not endanger you, our chef, or our staff, so we will take all factors into consideration when making the decision. Please understand that we are a business; if the class is not cancelled, we will not issue a refund.

If you choose to miss a class due to weather-related concerns,

our standard cancellation policy applies.   

Standard Cancellation Policy

For classes Monday thru Thursday, you must call the Thursday prior to the class by 5p.m. in order not to be charged. 

For Saturday classes, you must call the Monday prior to the class by 5p.m. in order not to be charged.

Your credit card will be charged and/or your gift certificate will be redeemed at that time. 


We will charge your credit card or redeem your gift certificate at 5 p.m. the Thursday before your observation class or at 5 p.m. the Monday before your “hands-on” class.  At which time the class becomes non-refundable.  If you are signing up friends for the classes, please note that we will charge your card for all the spaces being held under your credit card number. It is your responsibility, if you do not want your card to be charged for all spaces under your name, for you to have your friends call us with their credit card information.

The international pantry reserves the right to charge your card for spaces reserved under your card number.

*On the night of your class, each person signed up will have a sticky note with their name on it at their assigned seat. If you have a seating preference, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please do not move your assigned seat. 

If you would like a different seat the night of the class, please ask for assistance.

Observation Class Schedule 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 5th                        Gerry Reardon         “El Toro Chino Favorites”      $45

Join Gerry Reardon, owner of “El Toro Chino”  and Norman’s newest exciting restaurant for an exciting evening of fabulous food!  Gerry will create a menu including Chorizo Queso, Grilled Salmon with a Roasted Fennel Succotash and Grilled Tomatoes, and a Flourless Chocolate Torte for dessert!

Monday, June 11th           Ahmad Farnia               “Mediterranean Madness“       $45

Ahmad Farnia of The Oklahoma City Museum of Art Café will prepare fabulous dishes Mediterranean dishes.  We will not have his menu until the night of the class.

Tuesday, June 12th Ahmad Farnia            “ Mediterranean Madness”               $45

This is a repeat of Ahmad’s Monday night’s class.

Monday, June 18th              Josh Valentine      “ Summer Picnic”                   $45

Josh Valentine, Top Chef Finalist and Chef at Carlton Landing, will show you how to create an exciting menu for an elegant summer picnic!  His menu includes Strawberry Gazpacho, Compressed Melon Salad, Fried Quail/Smoked Potato Salad, Kale Slaw, and a Molten Mississippi Mud Cake in a jar!

Monday, June 25th                 Teri Fermo          “French-A-Pino Brunch”              $45

Teri Fermo is a Norman Native and Owner of “Jezabel” Food Truck in Tulsa.  Teri also caters and participates in cooking competitions!  Chef Teri will demo her 2017 “Throwdown” Winner.  The French-a-Pino Benedict; Filipino Pork and Potato Hash with Poached Eggs and Brown Butter Hollandaise made with “Calamansi”, a citrus fruit that tastes like tangerine and lime.  To follow; “Oefs de Cocette”; Steamed Eggs in ramekins with Shallot, Mushroom, Cream, and Gruyere.  Next, “Tapisilog”, a Filipino breakfast of Marinated Skirt Steak that is pan seared, served over with Rice and over Medium eggs.  She’ll finish off with Salted Caramel Crepes with Apple and Cayenne spiked Pine Nuts!

Wednesday, June 27th           Misung Billins             “ Korean Love”                      $45

Misung Billins is our newest chef who has been working as a private chef/caterer, cooking instructor, and is experienced in many different cuisines! Misung will be making Beef Bulgogi (the traditional Korean Beef that is marinated in soy sauce, sugar, onion, garlic, ginger, etc. to make a sweet/salty tender delicious dish). She will also make Banchan, which is variety of traditional side dishes to compliment the Beef Bulgogi.  We are very excited to include her in our Summer Cooking Class schedule!

Monday, July 2nd                 Stephanie McElhaney              “Spanish Tapas”    $45

Stephanie McElhaney is the Culinary Director at Platt Culinary School and owner of Kitchen No. 4.  She also teaches public and private classes.  Stephanie is also very knowledgeable in the area of “real” food and nutrition.  Stephanie will prepare Mojo Picon Pork Skewers, Patatas Bravas with Garlic Aoli and Spicy Tomato Sauce and Paella. She will end with a delicious Flan for dessert.

Monday July 9th                 Koi Strickland                “Totally Thai!”                    $45

Koi Strickland, owner and chef at Norman’s BEST Thai restaurant, “Thai Thai” will demonstrate how to make some of their menu favorites!  The menu will include Chicken Satay, Evil Jungle Curry, and Pineapple Fried Rice!  We will provide a fabulous dessert to finish off your meal!


Tuesday, July 17th               Ahmad Farnia            “Pizza!”                   $45

Ahmad Farnia of The Oklahoma City Museum of Art Café will prepare a wonderful variety of pizzas!

Wednesday, July 18th             Ahmad Farnia                    “Pizza!“                  $45

This is a repeat of Ahmad’s Tuesday night’s class.

Tuesday, July 24th    Ben Spears               “Brunch For Dinner!”                      $45

Ben Spears, Executive Chef at one of Norman’s oldest fine dining restaurant will prepare Latkes with a variety of toppings, Southern Grits with Eggs, Avocado Toast with Bacon Jam, and House Made Scotch Eggs.

Wednesday, July 25th      Gerry Reardon          “El Toro Chino Favorites”           $45

This is a repeat of Gerry’s Tuesday June 5th Class.

Monday, July 30th         Jacque Methvin         “Summer Garden Luncheon”      $45

 Jacque Chef of Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails will demonstrate how to host a fabulous summertime garden party!  She will prepare Grilled Sourdough Toast with French Feta, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Fines Herbs, Summer Gazpacho, Grilled Salmon with Baby Red Potatoes and Asparagus over Field Greens with a Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette, and Strawberry Sorbet for dessert!

Wednesday, August 1st           Stephanie McElhaney     “Mexican Taco Bar”             $45

Stephanie McElhaney is the Culinary Director at Platt Culinary School and owner of Kitchen No. 4.  She also teaches public and private classes.  Stephanie is also very knowledgeable in the area of “real” food and nutrition.  Travel Mexico with authentic flavors from the U.S. border to the Yucatan Peninsula and Oaxaca to Tijuana.  Learn how the flavors change from region to region and try tacos from each.  We will finish our travels with a Coconut Tres Leches cake!

Tuesday, August 7th               Ahmad Farnia                  “Persian Favorites”             $45

Ahmad Farnia of The Oklahoma City Museum of Art Café will prepare his favorite Persian foods.  We will not have a menu until the night of the class.

Wednesday, August 8th                 Ahmad Farnia              “Persian Favorites”               “$45

This is a repeat of Ahmad’s Tuesday night’s class

Monday, August 13th                        Teri Fermo                 “Late Summer Dinner Party”                $45

Teri Fermo, Norman Native and Owner of “Jezabel” Food Truck in Tulsa.  Teri also caters and participates in cooking competitions! Chef Teri will do a low carb-high protein dishes including Caesar Salad with Parmesan Crisps, Chicken Velvet Soup made with “riced” cauliflower, Shredded Chicken, Saffron, Cream, and toasted Garlic; her 2014 “Throwdown Winner” Hungry Man Brisket with Drambuie Brown Sauce, and Butternut Squash Puree along with French Baby Green Beans with Bacon and Onion.  She’ll finish with Fresh Berries and Madagascar Vanilla Cream!

Wednesday, August 15th   Jacque Methvin              “Upscale BBQ”                   $45

Jacque Methvin of Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails will create an amazing BBQ dinner.  She will make Spinach, Tomato, and Corn Salad with Fresh Dill, Roasted Mushrooms with Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes and Green Beans, Classic BBQ Chicken, and Tropical Fruit Kabobs with Rum Sauce!

Tuesday, August 21st             Denise Onorati          “Italian Favorites!”                $45

The International Panty’s own Chef, Denise Onorati will prepare an amazing night of Italian Favorites!  We will begin the evening with Crostini’s, followed by a Caesar Salad, Minestrone, Chicken Fricasse, and ending this fabulous meal with Biscotti a la Fiorentino (Biscotti with Almond and Orange)!

Thursday, August 23rd                 Sandy Brickman           “Semi-Homemade”                   $45

The International Pantry’s Sandy Brickman will show you how to use readily available ingredients to made elevated dishes!  We will start off the evening with a Composed Salad including Toasted Nuts and Fresh Fruit, then Chicken Crepes with Lemon Roasted Asparagus followed by Pastry Cream Tartlets with an assortment of toppings!

Monday, August 27th        Jeremiah Caldwell      “Coriander Café Favorites”          $45

Jeremiah Caldwell, Chef/Owner of Coriander Café will prepare some of the restaurants menu favorites!  Jeremiah will prepare Bimbimbop (a mixed rice dish) with Homemade Gochujang (hot pepper paste), Homemade Kim Chi, Fried Duck Eggs, Grilled Mushrooms, and an Herb Crusted Rib-eye.  For dessert we will enjoy a Coconut Ice Cream Sundae with Toasted Pecans and Rum Caramel

Wednesday, August 29th      Stephanie McElhaney               “Tailgating!”                $45

Stephanie McElhaney is the Culinary Director at Platt Culinary School and owner of Kitchen No. 4.  She also teaches public and private classes.  Stephanie is also very knowledgeable in the area of “real” food and nutrition.  Impress all of your football fans with the Ultimate Chili Con Queso, a Trio of Chicken Wings, BBQ Sliders (smoked brisket with homemade pimento cheese, an over easy egg, pickles, and a red and white sauce.) We will end the evening with mini rum cakes!


Hands-on Class Schedule

Saturday, July 7th   Amy Prince      “Fresh Summer Salads”    2PM          $75 per person

This “hands-on” class will help you take advantage of the fabulous fresh produce available during the Summer!!  Amy will help you create “show-stopping” dishes that are easy and super flavorful so you can enjoy your summertime gatherings without spending all day in the kitchen.  Amy will show you how to create the Best Broccoli Slaw, a Garden Fresh Chopped Salad, a Southwest Quinoa with Grilled Chicken, and Mango Slaw!  The great thing about this class is that you can use the techniques learned to apply to many other Summertime favorites!

Saturday, July 14th Stephanie McElhaney     “French Macarons!!”  2PM    $75 per person

Join Stephanie while she helps you make the PERFECT French Macaron!  After completing this class you will be able to make French Macarons like a pro!

Saturday, July 21 st     Misung Billins                 “SUSHI!”         2PM                       $75 per person


Misung will teach you to choose ingredients and roll Sushi like a Pro!  You will be making a variety of Sushi Rolls, including California Rolls, and a variety of sushi rolls incorporating various ingredients!  We will not be using any raw fish.  


Saturday, August 4th   Denise Onorati           “Soup’s On!”     2PM               $75 per person

In this hands-on class you will learn how to make an Italian Bread Soup, Sausage Gnocchi Soup, and a Chilled Watermelon Soup!  The techniques you will learn will translate to any soup you want to create.   The possibilities are endless!

Saturday, August 11th    Stephanie McElhaney       “Summer Canning”    2PM   $75 per person

Stephanie will show you how to safely preserve the fabulous produce of the Summer so you will be able to enjoy throughout the cold winter months!  You will learn how to Can Tomatoes using the “water-bath” method plus a variety of produce available at the Norman Farmer’s Market!

Saturday, August 25th Stephanie McElhaney         “Cookie Decorating”    2PM          $45 per person

Stephanie will demonstrate the perfect Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing for the perfect party cookies! You will decorate a variety of sugar cookie shapes just in time for Football Season!


Our Chefs





Sandy Brickman

Sandy Brickman has been with the international pantry for many years, first as a customer and then as a valued employee.  She taught Health and Wellness classes at the University of Central Oklahoma for 5 years, but  always wanted to do something that related to food.   Although she was never able to go to culinary school, she has acquired just under 100 hours of professional training from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.  In New York, she learned a lot of exciting techniques that she loves to pass along to home cooks in order to help them gain more confidence in their own kitchens.  She found something that she loves to do and is am very excited to see where this path takes her in the coming years.  

Jeremiah Caldwell

Jeremiah Caldwell started his undergraduate career at Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma as a Zoology major. His love of science lead him to the University of Oklahoma in 2002. While he enjoyed his coursework, in 2005 the sudden death of both of his parents caused him to reevaluate what his true calling was. He made a bold move, and decided to follow his passion: making people smile through food.
Chef Caldwell attended Platt College for Culinary Arts and began working in kitchens in the metro area. His knowledge of science contributes to his technical ability and methodical style in the kitchen. As the Executive Chef at Coriander Café, he is able to bring people happiness through delicious Vietnamese fare.


Bill Forster

Chef Bill Forster is a classically trained French chef. He studied at La'Acadamie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg Maryland, where he graduated with highest honors. A stint with Roberto Donna at Galileo in DC followed up by 2 years with Andrew Kneesey at the Georgetown Club preceded his move to Dallas where he worked as Executive Sous Chef for Orion Balliet at Cafe Pacific. Home called his heart so back to Oklahoma he came. He opened La Luna Blu in Enid and then his own restaurant Rooster in Wine before leaving Enid for Grand Lake. Arrowhead Yacht Club was next. A few years on the lake and then back to Norman where his last three years were spent at Royal Bavaria!  Bill now loves his cooking classes at the International Pantry as well as offering private catering and in home lessons as well!



Stephanie McElhaney

After graduating from culinary school, Stephanie worked in restaurants before discovering her passion for teaching. She previously taught at the Culinary Institute at Platt College. She currently teaches  a number of public and private cooking classes, where she specializes in nutrition and healthy eating.



Jacque Methvin

At the age of 22 Jacque started her own small catering business out of her home. Business soon got to be too much for her home and she decided to take a position at a well known local catering company. After 3 years she decided she was ready to try something new. Around that time a great new concept in Norman , called scratch kitchen and cocktails was in its first week of opening. Eager to learn new techniques and skills ,She took a job as a prep cook. She soon moved up ranks in their kitchen and is now the executive chef at scratch kitchen and cocktails.


Denise Onorati

A few months ago Denise and her husband moved here from Seattle, Washington. Her love of cooking prompted me to attend culinary school at South Seattle College after her children finished college. She started her culinary career working at Paolo's with chef Paul Raftis, who trained in Italy. After 3 years she agreed to help open a new restaurant to compliment wines with her good friends who owned a wine shop. At The Grape Adventure she created the menu and worked as the executive chef for 9 years. She also volunteered with the local high school in their culinary program and worked with the competition team (they got second in state last winter). 

Amy Prince

Abbey Road Catering’s Amy Prince has more than a decade of experience in the food industry. She specializes in catering, and has worked in Norman and in Portland, Oregon. Before entering the culinary world, Amy was a journalist, covering many topics, including food writing.


Charles Richardson

He graduated from OU with a business degree in 2000. After nearly a decade in the corporate world he decided to follow a passion for cooking and see if becoming a chef was the career he wanted pursue. He was hired on at Local a month after it was opened. He started out at the bottom of the kitchen, but quickly worked his way up and was recommended by the executive chef there for the Accredited Apprenticeship program at The Coach House. He worked for Chef Kurt Fleischfresser, one of the most successful and esteemed chefs Oklahoma has produced, at The Tasting Room and The Lobby Bar before beginning the apprenticeship when the next opening was available. After returning to Norman and working saute at Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails in 2014, he is now a private chef.



Kent Rollins

Kent Rollins is from a lost period in time and a dying state of mind, when life was simple and character was king. Kent was born and raised along the banks of the Red River near Hollis,Oklahoma. Growing up, and throughout his adulthood, Kent helped his father manage cow/calf operations in the area while also taking care of their own herd. In the beginning of Kent's cooking career, he spent time with his uncle guiding and feeding hunters deep in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. From there he bought a chuck wagon in 1993 and began cooking for ranches and soon expanded into catering. Because of Kent's growing popularity and his preservation of an historic way of life, the governor of Oklahoma proclaimed Kent the Official Chuck Wagon of Oklahoma in 1996. Kent has since made numerous television appearances including the Food Network's highly rated shows, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, where he beat Flay with his chicken fried steak, Chopped Grill Masters and Chopped Redemption. He also holds an undefeated record on NBC’s Food Fighters and most recently was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.Kent's ability to not only cook but to transport folks to another time through vivid stories of cow camps and the cowboy life is yet another way that he is a truly unique character. Along with the stage and the trail, Kent’s food and stories can be experienced each month in Western Horseman magazine where he and Shannon contribut a column and recipe. Kent and his wife, Shannon, continue to travel the country feeding hungry folks and those intrigued by their distinct and historic way of life. However more importantly, Kent carries on the legacy of cooking for cowboys on ranches during spring and fall gatherings, a rare tradition few follow.
Kent and Shannon released their first cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy, in April 2015.